Dear God.… where have 4 weeks gone?!

I’ll tell you.…. Fer­di­nand de Saus­sure, Course in Gen­eral Lin­guis­tics (READ) Roland Barthes, Ele­ments of Semi­ol­ogy (READ) Umberto Eco, Semi­otics and the Phi­los­o­phy of Lan­guage (READ) W. Steiner, Image and Code (READ) J.L. Austin, How to do Things with Words (READ) Teo­rema, Pasolini, 1968 (WATCHED) Sun­set Boule­vard, Wilder, 1950 (WATCHED) Per­sona, Bergman, 1966 (WATCHED) The Phan­tom Car­riage, Sjostrom, 1921 (WATCHED) JSU Advising […]

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