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Call for Entries!

This is an invi­ta­tion to all pro­fes­sional and stu­dent artists, art direc­tors, pub­lish­ers and artist rep­re­sen­ta­tives to sub­mit entries to the 21st Annual Spec­trum Inter­na­tional Com­pe­ti­tion for Fan­tas­tic Art. All art works in all medi­ums embrac­ing the themes of sci­ence fic­tion, fan­tasy, hor­ror, and the sur­real are eli­gi­ble for this show. Fan­tas­tic Art can be sub­tle or obvi­ous, tra­di­tional or off-the-wall, painted, sculpted, done dig­i­tally or pho­tographed: there is no unac­cept­able way to cre­ate art and there are no set rules that say one piece qual­i­fies while another does not. Imag­i­na­tion and skill are what mat­ters. Work cho­sen by the jury will be printed in full color in the Spec­trum annual, the peer-selected “best of the year” col­lec­tion for the fan­tas­tic arts.”

Stu­dents can enter under “Unpub­lished: Sug­gested entries include art cre­ated for port­fo­lios, stu­dent work, gallery shows, exper­i­men­tal stud­ies, spec­u­la­tive assign­ments, and ongo­ing projects for work to be pub­lished at a future date.”

$20 / entry

Dead­line: Jan­u­ary 25, 2014

Spec­trum 21 Call for Entries | ILLUSTRATION AGE.

Shut up and listen!.… and then get 2 other people.

Prof. Callan­der* showed me this video yes­ter­day after we had a dis­cus­sion about my lack of inter­est in finances among many other things that we usu­ally always talk about while try­ing to be pro­duc­tive dur­ing office hours. This talk is SO GOOD and TRUE!

Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help some­one? Shut up and listen!

*Thank you to Adri­enne ( for always show­ing me such inter­est­ing work and peo­ple. And for remind­ing me that it’s ok to struggle!

The Gestalt Principle: Design Theory for Web Designers | Webdesigntuts+

if you see a design, like it, then decide to work on adjust­ing details, then you know it’s a good design, how­ever if you start to adjust first to try to make your­self like it… then you know it’s a bad design… don’t waste your time try­ing to fix it… just change it as a whole”

via The Gestalt Prin­ci­ple: Design The­ory for Web Design­ers | Web­de­sign­tuts+.

The Gestalt Principle: Design Theory for Web Designers | Webdesigntuts+