100 Days of Little Ladies

I started a series in January 2018 of sketching a little lady a day for 100 days. I really enjoy 100-day projects because they have a defined goal that is challenging, but achievable. I still have 7 more little ladies to draw before I get the coveted 100 (I don’t beat myself up if I miss a day or two…because LIFE!) I have been playing around with RedBubble and a few of my designs to see if I like them. So far, I have noticed that the simpler things do better such as black & white. So, I’m going to start off adding my #littleladies series as stickers. Stay tuned for more Little Ladies being unleashed into the wild! Collect ALL 100!

You can buy Little Ladies merchandise at RedBubble (go here!)

ADDING LITTLE LADIES DAILY! (last updated Thur. May 17, 2018)

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