Researching Athenaship

I honestly LOVE researching. I hate doing it on a timetable; however, it’s that timetable that makes me DO research. Additionally, it takes ALL of my focus which is the most precious of personal resources at the moment. I can get dangerously lost in it to the detriment of cold coffee (GASP!), burning eggs, missing meals, forgetting child pickup. Luckily, and unfortunately, I have my alarms and alerts that bring me back into the world of responsibility. So, not 100% focused, ever.

I did get to read the following article and essay today.

Aristotle on Jazz: Philosophical Reflections on Jazz and Jazz Education by Philip Alperson

Establishing Collaborative Dialogue: The Mentor and the Apprentice by Ami Kantawala, Lisa Hochtritt, James Haywood Rolling Jr., Dan Serig and Kryssi Staikidis

Aristotle on Jazz tried to define jazz and the age-old question of technical education versus experience education. It ended up stating that everyone needs music education, period. (Oversimplification. I know. However, that’s my initial recall. There are notes. I won’t bore you more than necessary with my notes.)

Establishing Collaborative Dialogue was an interesting perspective of five mentees reflecting about one mentor and the process mentorship. Very meta. 

I will leave you with this. Mentorship has been around forever. Nonetheless, the word “mentor” comes from a character in Homer’s Odyssey who is basically possessed by Athena in order to give counsel to Telemachus. So really it should be Athenaship. 

“The more you know (read.)” da DA da daaaah!