Lists in my head.

I am sitting here on a rainy Monday with a list of things on the left-side of my brain that I need to get done: app project, drawings, drill holes in plexiglass, video editing, documentation, return lighting equipment, writing, more writing, figuring out what I’m taking next semester, attend “New Math” class at Max’s school tonight, write emails, etc. And there is a list of things on my right-side that I want to get done: finish putting my office studio together (so I can find stuff,) wash the dog, mow the yard, mop the floor, take a nap, doodle, color, cut paper, sell kidney to buy more equipment for my studio, stretch time to have more child-free hours, etc.

Of course nothing got done this weekend because I kept getting asked, “Mom, what can I do now?” So we learned how scrub toilets and then I unpacked some of his playroom…which led to more unpacking.

We have only about 30% of the house unpacked.

2015-10-07 12.19.10

Current State of Living Room

I am seriously questioning my mental state of not taking this semester off from grad school.

With too many things to do, nothing gets done right.

This house is a monster.

I’ve wanted/needing to put a post up on the MADNESS that become my life for the past 6-7 weeks since we bought our home. We have lovely people that have worked very hard helping us get our home in working condition. At this point, there is probably about a month’s worth left of work. But what they have done would have taken Chad and me ten years to do (if we got around to doing them at all.)

I’m only going show a bit. I may create a page when I’m further away from it.


Things that make me LOSE MY MIND (all done by flooring subcontractors) …

Starting to take shape…

Let’s adopt KITTIES!

Just in case renovations, new flooring, grad school, Max’s homework, Chad’s crazy schedule wasn’t enough for me… this happened.

2015-09-27 18.53.48

I never claimed to be a smart person. 

(This green WAS the color of the master bedroom and bath–including matching carpet.)

Our cat of 13 years, Milo, passed away the week we moved. It has been a long an emotional road, and I’m still trying to hold everything together.

Specifically because of this…

2015-09-12 16.51.12

(why didn't I take a semester off?)