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The website.

I have tried NOT to do the 100-day project because it seems that EVERYONE I know is doing this activity.

Besides, WHAT WOULD I DO?!

I have so many things that I COULD do and so many things that I would LOVE to do, but what would be realistic?

I thought I would be smart about it and attach it to my thesis project. Could I do that every day?

Last week, I was shuffling through some new cyanotypes that I decided to do on a whim. While I was taking a picture of one, I just decided to post it on Instagram and do a daily cyanotype.

Stop overthinking it! JUST DO IT.


“Nervous,” a reject

I spent a couple of hours setting up the website, taking pictures, figuring out how to work Instagram with a new profile, working out what hashtags I was going to use … it has become an obsession! (That’s good, right?!)

I have been creating new cyanotypes practically every day and have had some EPIC failures and some absorbing results. I’m sticking with my postcard size and maybe 5 x 7-inch cyanotypes for now. But I want to work LARGER like the direction of the 22 x 29 inch “Nervous.” “Nervous” is actual a reject from another project, but I am excited at the prospect of doing more that are similar to it.

I’m also researching and testing out different social media websites to narrow down which ones work the best for me and my schedule (especially when school starts back up.)

For now, you can find the here:


Instagram: @dailycyanotype



Almost ready to test out Patreon since it’s new and looks intriguing.