“Violence Towards Women” Project


The concept of this project is to address the culture of violence towards women in rural, economically depressed areas.


I was really emotionally affected researching this problem. I had no idea how to really address or find a solution. The more I dug in the more hopeless and useless I felt. It was suggested that maybe I just try my original idea of posting something on the back of a woman’s bathroom stall. It was a “safe” place and to broaden the help focus to: Girls in Need of Assistance.


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2013-06-07 14.30.59 
2013-06-07 14.30.32

2014-12-04 15.15.27


The back to the drawing board on this project involved a series of photos I took on my iPhone in a bathroom stall while traveling with my son to the beach. I loved the raw destruction of the walls.