(I have so many things to say about this first semester. However, I may have to update this post while my brain is healing.) I took two classes this semester: Reading & Design Research and Design Studio. Both had their own challenges. Reading/Research was challenging because of the intense reading and writing. (I still can’t believe I’m on the other side of that class.) And Design Research because I am not a trained designer. Or at least, my main area of expertise is not design. That aspect was WAY more terrifying to me than reading and writing (which I ended up really enjoying, whether I’m good at it or not.) I’m putting up my work from design studio in all its horrific glory because you have to start somewhere and I am hoping that these will be a baseline to show my improvement over the semesters. This Spring 2015, I will be teaching Digital Literacy and I’m so excited! We won’t have Lynda.com to help, so I’m having to determine the best way to tackle outside of class learning. I am also taking History of Graphic Design (yea Meggs!) and Graduate Advanced Photography and Digital Media!


Design Studio Projects Fall 2014

“My Mother is a Graphic Designer” (web app)

“Violence Against Women” (poster)

“Victory Yards” (signs)

“Artist as Entrepreneur” (poster)