The name of the game is projects. Your projects. 5 projects in 16 weeks. I have spent the first 2 weeks thinking about what type of projects I want/need to do. And I realize, that my ideas suck until I have someone to talk them through with me. So for right now I’m going to put them out there. I don’t care. Ok I do care a little bit, but for the sake of producing a process log and to help motivate me to work through these.


Project One: “Mommy is a Graphic Designer” – A “learning object” app that teaches children about Graphic Design.

Project Two: “Rural Violence Against Women” – Awareness Campaign

Project Three: “The ‘Good Neighbors’ project” – An anti-manicured lawns movement to promote the culture of having functional/edible yards.

Project Four: “Artists as Entrepreneurs” – (something near and dear to my heart)