I’ll tell you…..

  • Ferdinand de Saussure, Course in General Linguistics (READ)
  • Roland Barthes, Elements of Semiology (READ)
  • Umberto Eco, Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language (READ)
  • W. Steiner, Image and Code (READ)
  • J.L. Austin, How to do Things with Words (READ)
  • Teorema, Pasolini, 1968 (WATCHED)
  • Sunset Boulevard, Wilder, 1950 (WATCHED)
  • Persona, Bergman, 1966 (WATCHED)
  • The Phantom Carriage, Sjostrom, 1921 (WATCHED)
  • JSU Advising Sheets

——————– I am here.

  • Learning Object Project – “My Mommy’s a Graphic Designer” iPad app
  • Norma Desmond Campaign
  • JSU Website
  • Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism (pt. 1) (TO BE READ)
  • Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism (pt. 2) (TO BE READ)
  • M, Lang, 1931 (TO BE WATCHED)
  • The Music Room, Ray, 1958 (TO BE WATCHED)
  • Villian Campaign
  • Hitchcock Campaign
  • Design Studies Presentation
  • Mid-term Essays
  • Project 1 – “Rural Violence Against Women” – Awareness Campaign
  • Project 2 – “The ‘Good Neighbors’ project” – An anti-manicured lawns movement to promote the culture of having functional/edible yards
  • Project 3 – “Artists as Entrepreneurs” – (something near and dear to my heart)
  • 15 page final
  • Online Process Journal
  • End of Semester Review

Stop. Panic time.

Ok. So I have the list. Now I need to start posting process. Not too sure how I want to do that…so I’m just going to start and if I hate the way it looks/works, I’ll adjust accordingly. Also….I really feel like I’m talking to myself. Not sure how I want to write my posts yet. I’m sure they need to be more formal. But I can’t do that right now. I don’t have the brain cells to spare.

You might want to unfollow me. I won’t be mad. It’s about to get crazy.